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Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and Google Cloud announced collaboration in order to advance e-commerce in India with the help of Generative AI

  • IBEF
  • September 8, 2023

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and Google Cloud announced that they are working together on a new India-wide hackathon and an expansion of their current ONDC programme to encourage innovation throughout the e-commerce industry in India at scale.

An all-Indian hackathon will be launched by ONDC and Google Cloud with the goal of fostering innovation and addressing critical problems for the country's next billion digital users. Without regard to geographic location, economic class, or digital proficiency, the hackathon aims to create solutions that democratize access to digital commerce. In order to innovate inside the ONDC framework, the event also intends to build an open ecosystem of developers, students, and companies.

The 'Build for Bharat' hackathon, which will last three months and draw 100,000 participants. It will provide mentoring, assistance, and other resources to help participants tackle typical e-commerce challenges like enhancing supply chain visibility, enhancing consumer personalization, and enhancing inventory management, the company said in a statement. The extensive range of interactive activities during the hackathon includes webinars, question-and-answer sessions, expert-led workshops, and online community channels like Discord.

In June 2023, Google Cloud and ONDC announced the launch of the open sourced ONDC Open Commerce solution, which enables buyers and sellers to onboard seamlessly onto the ONDC network. Since then, the program has seen more than 20 e-commerce companies adopt the Open Commerce solution.

The next phase of this strategic partnership will see ONDC and Google Cloud collaborate to significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers across the nation, particularly those in smaller cities, who can transact on the network by utilizing Google Cloud's generative AI tools.

The largest firms on the globe as well as the tiniest suppliers in regional marketplaces all benefit from a fairer playing field owing to Google Cloud and ONDC. This partnership gives organizations all throughout India the chance to expand their audiences and revenue streams, ultimately changing the pace at which the nation adopts digital commerce, says Mr. Thomas Kurian, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Google Cloud.

According to Mr. T. Koshy, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ONDC, the company is at the cusp of revolutionizing e-commerce. This hackathon will be a great way for businesses to meet many talented people and organizations that have original ideas. This then fuels Bharat's desire for innovation by resolving numerous urgent problems that businesses and consumers in both big cities and small communities face. Our goal of creating an accessible and inclusive digital commerce environment for every Indian, regardless of background, is one step closer owing to this hackathon.

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