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Overall Coal Production Increases by 12% to 57.93 Million Tonnes in September

In September 2022, India's entire coal production climbed by 12.01% to 57.93 million tonnes (MT) from 51.72 MT in September 2021. According to preliminary Ministry of Coal figures, CIL, SCCL, and captive mines/others increased production by 12.35%, 8.43%, and 12.37% in September 2022, producing 45.67 MT, 4.93 MT, and 7.33 MT, respectively.

During September, 25 of the top 37 mines' production levels were greater than 100%, and another five mines' production levels were between 80% and 100%. Simultaneously, coal despatch grew by 1.95% to 61.18 MT in September 2022, up from 60.02 MT the previous year. CIL, SCCL, and Captive mines/others increased by 1.03%, 4.13%, and 6.84% in September 2022, despatching 48.88 MT, 4.77 MT, and 7.53 MT, respectively.

Power utility despatch has grown to 51.71 MT in September 2022, up from 50.16 MT in the same period last year. In September of this year, coal-fired electricity generation increased by 13.40% over the previous year. Overall power generation in September 2022 was 13.77% more than electricity generation in September 2021.

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