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Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurates and lays foundation stone of projects worth over Rs. 5,200 crores (US$ 636.30 million) in Bhavnagar

Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for projects worth over 5,200 crores (US$ 636.30 million) in Bhavnagar. The Prime Minister lay the groundwork for the world's first CNG Terminal as well as the brownfield port in Bhavnagar. He also inaugurated the Regional Science Centre, which spans 20 acres and cost over Rs. 100 crores (US$ 12.23 million) to build.

The projects that are being launched and planned will give Bhavnagar's development path fresh impetus. He believes that the Rajkot-Jamnagar-Bhavnagar area would soon have the same aura as Surat-Vadodara-Ahmedabad. He believes Bhavnagar has enormous potential in the industry, agriculture, and business. This event is a living example of the double-engine government's efforts in this area.

In highlighting the significance of the coastal ecosystem, he stated that the government has played an important role in promoting coastal industry and energy networks for these businesses. For the sake of the fishermen's community, fishing harbours were built and fish processing was pushed. Mangrove forests have also grown in the area. He further mentioned that the previous government in the Center had stated that Gujarat can teach many lessons about how to develop a coastline area.

He mentioned Lothal as a significant part of our past, saying that it is the world's oldest harbour and that the creation of the Lothal Maritime Museum will give the city a new identity. The Prime Minister further stated that work is being done at a rapid speed to put it on the global tourism map.

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