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Quality Council of India and Open Network for Digital Commerce launch DigiReady Certification Portal to empower MSMEs and small retailers.

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, crucial for job creation and regional development, advances digital inclusion with the launch of the DigiReady Certification (DRC) portal by the Quality Council of India (QCI) and Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This collaborative initiative assesses and certifies MSMEs' digital readiness for seamless integration into the ONDC platform, enhancing their digital capabilities and market opportunities. The DRC portal offers an online self-assessment tool to evaluate various aspects of digital preparedness, facilitating a smooth onboarding process for MSMEs and small retailers ensuring their efficient integration into digitized workflows.

QCI Chairperson, Mr. Jaxay Shah, highlighted the DRC's alignment with the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, digital transaction promotion, and the objectives of the FIRST (Forum for Internet Retailers, Sellers, and Traders), emphasizing the empowerment of MSMEs and inclusive e-commerce growth. MD & CEO of ONDC, Mr. T Koshy, underscored the transformative impact of the DRC certification on MSMEs, equipping them with essential digital skills to navigate the evolving e-commerce landscape and thrive in the digital economy. The DRC initiative accelerates MSMEs' integration into the digital network, fostering inclusion and empowerment for a robust future.

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