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Share of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in telecom firms' workforce has risen to 20% on 5G rollout

  • IBEF
  • September 14, 2023

As a result of the 5G deployment, employees working in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) now make up 20% of telecom service providers' workforces, up from just 7% in July-September 2022, reported The Economics Times.

According to Mr. Sekhar Garisa, Chief Executive, Staffing Firm Foundit, in the telecom industry, there are both enterprise business-related and emerging technology-focused AI/ML roles. The goal of a large portion of AI/ML positions is to improve the customer experience.

By the end of the financial year 2023-24, the proportion of AI/ML-led jobs will be 23%. Some staffing experts stated that the competition for hiring AI/ML talent is rising because of a paucity of skilled talent.

Mr. Sekhar Garisa further stated that companies in such industries want AI/ML specialists for roles like algorithmic trading, fraud detection, and customer care chatbots. AI/ML talents are also in demand in industries including manufacturing, fintech, and information technology.

He further stated that roles such as network optimization specialist, data scientist, AI/ML infrastructure engineer, and cybersecurity expert are in demand.

According to Mr. Sachin Alug, Chief Executive, NLB Services, AI/ML professionals provide business needs such as network optimization, fraud detection, automated customer service, and predictive analytics.

Mr. Sekhar Garisa stated that telecom companies like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have increased their focus on AI/ML specialists because of the implementation of 5G services. Jio has more positions in data engineering and machine learning, whereas Bharti Airtel has experienced a rising growth trend for positions requiring the skills of Java and cloud.

Reliance Industries, at its annual general meeting, announced that it is augmenting its AI/ML workforce to build India-specific solutions in the area. Jio Platforms, the holding company of Jio, already has multiple AI/ML departments.

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