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Skyroot Aerospace plans to launch two rockets every month from 2025: Report

  • IBEF
  • November 22, 2022

From the end of 2025, Skyroot Aerospace intends to launch at least two rockets every month. The company, which launched India's first private rocket on November 18, also has plans to create reusable rocket engines.

Within the next year, the company will conduct its next launch, which will carry and put client payloads into the orbit. 

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the government will continue to have a key role as the private sector in the Indian space industry grows.

The clause governing the transfer of technology in India's upcoming space policy will be essential because it will enable businesses to utilise the years of experience and research that ISRO has already amassed. Additionally, it will enable businesses to keep utilising the ISRO-built facilities and infrastructure.

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