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Under PM’s Gati Shakti Master Plan, 27,000 circuit kilometres of transmission lines will be added at an investment of US$ 9.07 billion (Rs. 75,000 crore) by 2024-25

According to the Prime Minister’s ‘Gati Shakti Master Plan’, the power transmission network will be increased from 425,500 circuit kilometres (as of May 31, 2020) to 454,200 circuit kilometres (ckm) by 2024–2025, adding roughly 28,700 ckm. This addition has been proposed in the Inter State Transmission system (ISTS) network at 220kV and above voltage level. Against the planned transmission lines addition of 28,700 ckm, the transmission network to be added by 2024-25 is about 27,000 ckm. These initiatives are expected to cost roughly US$ 9.07 billion (Rs. 75,000 crore).

As per the survey, the lengths of the transmission lines have been changed. Some of the transmission lines are likely to be completed beyond 2024-25 and some new transmission projects have been considered.

India’s strong National Grid enables reliable, secure, and seamless power transfer from resource-rich regions to the nation's main load centres. To keep pace with the increase in electricity generation and consumption, National Grid is continuously increasing its capacity. As of February 28, 2023, the Indian Transmission network consists of 1,158,875 MVA of substation transformation capability and 468,977 ckm of transmission lines (220kV and above voltage level). The National Grid has an interregional capability of 112,250 megawatt (MW).

Furthermore, India has sufficient transmission capacity and the proposed transmission projects under PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan are expected to further facilitate evacuation of power from generation projects with improved reliability of Power System Network in the country.

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