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Uttar Pradesh govt plans to promote Agri startups, introduce AI in farming

<p style="margin-bottom:16px; text-align:justify">The Uttar Pradesh government is collaborating with the agriculture industry to bolster agricultural startups and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into farming practices, aiming to enhance the rural economy and promote &#39;smart farming&#39; techniques. In November 2024, the government, in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), plans to host the &#39;Krishi Bharat&#39; global farmers&#39; summit in Lucknow, attracting delegations from countries like the US, Germany, Brazil, and others. This initiative follows the success of the UP Global Investors Summit (GIS) in 2023, which attracted substantial investment proposals exceeding US$ 478.98 billion (Rs. 40 trillion).</p> <p>Despite Uttar Pradesh&#39;s leading position in agricultural production, challenges persist in optimizing per-hectare yield and improving food processing efficiency, resulting in lower farm incomes and increased wastage. The summit addresses these issues by showcasing agricultural startups, attracting foreign investment, and facilitating knowledge exchange on best practices; with initiatives such as sending progressive farmers abroad for knowledge-sharing and promoting &#39;Agri tourism,&#39; the state endeavours to enhance its agricultural landscape. Uttar Pradesh boasts a significant agricultural footprint, with over 20 million hectares of net cropped area, dominating in sugarcane and dairy production, alongside cultivation of paddy, rice, wheat, pulses, oilseeds, sugarcane, maize, and millets.</p>

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