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Wipro and NVIDIA have collaborated to provide healthcare insurance companies with generative AI

  • IBEF
  • November 23, 2023

Wipro Limited and NVIDIA have collaborated to provide healthcare companies with AI-driven strategies, tools, and services that will expedite the deployment of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI).

In order to improve member experience, boost enrolment, and assist with claims adjudication, Wipro will use NVIDIA AI Enterprise software to produce AI throughout its current portfolio of healthcare solutions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare, and Medicaid. This will help healthcare companies to be able to achieve faster, and easier consumption of large language models (LLMs) powered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise, leading to increased productivity, deeper member intelligence, and better operational efficiencies.

According to Mr. Nagendra Bandaru, President and Managing Partner at Wipro Enterprise Futuring, “This collaboration will allow us to deliver AI-enabled innovation for the healthcare industry at scale and drive healthcare solutions with advanced computing capabilities. We are looking forward to building healthcare-specific solutions for a new era of AI-led innovation and business transformation.”

The collaboration will make use of the NVIDIA AI platform for speech, translation, and generative artificial intelligence. This includes the NVIDIA DGX platform and the NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, which allow users to create and modify generative AI models for use in any NVIDIA AI Enterprise programme, including NVIDIA NeMo and Riva.

The integration of these technologies with Wipro’s Enterprise Generative AI (WeGA) framework will enable Wipro to co-develop and deploy custom models for speech and translation AI, as well as other LLMs. Wipro has already developed multiple AI-first enterprise offerings across the healthcare industry leveraging the NVIDIA AI platform.

To accelerate the development of custom solutions, Wipro engineers will benefit from extensive ongoing training on NVIDIA's application frameworks in fields like generative AI, the metaverse, conversational AI, and data analytics through an AI Centre of Excellence with NVIDIA.

Wipro has been collaborating with the healthcare industry to revolutionise the contact centre experience by utilising AI technologies such as generative, speech, and translation. These technologies enable patients to receive timely, personalised, and accurate responses to their care needs, taking into account their medical history, claim history, and provider information.

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