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World's largest drone fund to invest upto US$ 40 million in UAV ecosystem in India

  • IBEF
  • September 6, 2022

The US$ 170 million Drone Fund (DF), a venture capital fund located in Japan that specialises in supporting the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ecosystem, intends to invest up to US$ 40 million in Indian companies operating in the sector.

One of the fund's main objectives is to invest in agro drones in order to enhance croppage using approaches that science can help facilitate. The other sector will be drones that can transport huge payloads at high altitudes.

Drones are viewed as the next major change-maker, much like how mobile phones and subsequently the internet in the recent past brought about advancements, but there is one significant distinction - they were B2C (business to customer) businesses, while UAVs are primarily B2B.

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