Moradabad Metal Craft

State Uttar Pradesh
district Moradabad


Moradabad metal engraving is a fine and delicate art. This craft shows the traces of Islamic culture. The princely states of India demanded not only enameled jewelry but also enameled utensils such as wine cups, finger-bowls, pillboxes, etc., in both gold and silver repoussé, sometimes studded with jewels. The craftspersons excelled in this art. With the evolution of new tools, techniques, and skills, they are now better equipped to cater to modern tastes.


Metal ornaments have been a rave in all ages and times. The attractive contrasts in colors and textures of metals have led to the evolution of metal ornamentation through techniques like inlay, overlay, applique, fixing of colors, etc. There are many sharp tools used in the process of tracing the design onto brass, silver, and copper.

Raw Materials

In India, brass and copper have been used for making various usable objects since ancient times. It has a rich tradition of making metal objects which are used for both religious and secular purposes. A wide variety of objects include standing lamps, aarathi (votive lamps), Deepa Lakshmi, hand lamps, and chain lamps. Shallow dishes circular, hexagonal, octagonal, and oval shapes are widely used and are made out of bronze or sheet brass.


The craftsmen cast their pieces, molding clay from sand, resin, and oil in proportion and adding borax to the clay surface to prevent the metal from sticking. The alloy, the darkened zinc used as a base, is melted and poured into the molds and solidified. The surface of the roughcast of the articles is filed and smoothened with sandpaper and then rubbed with a solution of copper sulfate to impart a dark surface to provide a suitable base for the next stage of tracing the design and engraving.

Tourist Attractions

Moradabad has many places that attract tourists. It is an important commercial hub in North India and the brass handicrafts are worth looking at.

The city has places that hold historical and religious value. The Raza Library has some of the greatest manuscripts and an amazing collection of pictures and inscriptions on palm leaves in many different languages. The Najibudaulah’s Fort and Jama Masjid also hold a lot of importance in the city.