Channapatna Toys & Dolls

State Karnataka
district Ramanagara


Tippu Sultan, the king of Mysore, spellbound by the gifted lacquerware wooden toy from Persia, invited the Persian artisans to train the locals of Mysore Presidency in the craft and thus began the journey of Channapatna craft in the 18th century.


Traditionally, Ivory Wood (Hale Wood) is used in the making of Channapatna Toys.


Non-toxic vegetable dyes are used in the coloring process.


The process starts with procuring Hale Wood or Ivory Wood and seasoning it. The seasoned wood is cut in different sizes. These small pieces are mounted on a lathe machine and they are shaped into different designs. The wooden surface is smoothened with sandpaper. The artisans uniformly apply lacquer over the wooden Surface with the help Of dried palm leaves. Once the product is made it is detached from the lathe and further surface embellishment is done.


The equipment mainly used for this craft are Lathe, Chisel, Sickle, Hammer, Saw, Drill, Shovels, Cutting Machine, Drilling Machine, Bell, etc. In addition to Wood Colors, Sandpapers, Nails, and Oils are also used.


Ramanagara district is known for its giant rocks. Ramadevara Betta in Ramanagara attracts adventure seekers and rock climbers.

Wonder La is one of India's largest amusement and water theme parks located in Ramanagara. Wonderla is spread across 82 acres and has over 60 thrill-packed rides offering entertainment and fun for all age groups.

Ramadevara Betta Temple is the most popular spot in Ramanagara, located inside the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary, which requires climbing 400+ steps.