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Huge potential of skill creation in tourism and hospitality sector in India

Mr. Praveen Roy, CEO, Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council

Dec 13, 2016 18:58

India attracted close to 80.16 lakh foreign tourists in 2015. Many international and domestic hotel chains are focusing on expansion in India. Mr. Praveen Roy, CEO, Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council discusses the potential of skill creation in tourism and hospitality industry and the future plans for the Council in an exclusive interaction with IBEF. Edited excerpts:

What are the current initiatives that the Council is working on?

Currently we are developing a platform in which industry will be of to start hosting their requirements at the entry level positions and get training partners onboard so that they do training exercises which are focused on the industry requirements. In general, we have identified 10-12 qualification packs which we believe are the entry level packs and are in huge demand in the industry at the entry level. We want to focus on that so that a lot of placements can take place. However, the danger of the funded scheme is that people try and take advantage of the same. Hence, we are looking at the rationale of what is requirement and based on the same, we make sure that training happens in relation to that.

What are the targets that you have set for yourself?

We plan to do over 1,00,000 training in which around 40 per cent will be recognition of priori learning and 60 per cent will be fresh training. We have consciously scaled down our targets because we want to focus on qualitative issues and we are in touch with our Ministry on these issues. The good part is that our Ministry is extremely conscious of the quality issues.

What is the potential of job creation in your industry?

Based on the study done by KPMG for us, there is a potential to create close to 6 million jobs. We are working with a target to skill 3.2 million over the next seven to eight years. It is a huge target but let me assure you that there is a huge demand. Things in India have changed drastically in India in the last two to three years. People now don’t want to travel much or migrate to a new city for a job. Hence, if we are able to create comfort zones within the emerging and established clusters that will be a great intervention for the skilled workforce.