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Hatsun Agro

  • Largest private sector dairy in India
  • Dairy ingredients exported to 38 countries
  • Holds various quality standard certifications
  • Dairies in 10 locations possessing state-of-the-art facilities

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd is the largest private sector dairy in India. It was established in 1970 and has since been a pioneer in promoting dairy products. Presently, Hatsun has chilling centres in more than 68 locations, over 1,348 contract vehicles, milk sheds spread over 10 districts in Tamil Nadu and three districts in Karnataka, and over 300,000 milk producers. In addition, it offers dairy extension services to farmers for the development and productivity of livestock, with over 1,110 veterinary doctors employed by the company to render total healthcare for animals. The company has also tied up with banks to arrange animal loans for dairy farmers.

Hatsun has established an extremely efficient supply chain management, superior logistics and a widespread distribution network spearheaded by exclusive franchise outlets. The company's foray into the international markets began in 2004-05, with Arun Icecreams entering the markets in Seychelles and Brunei.


Hatsun Agro: Largest Private Sector Indian Dairy

2009 Inaugurates dairy ingredient plant at Palacode
2007 Inaugurates dairy ingredient plant (second drier) at Kanchipuram
2003 Amalgamates with Hatsun Foods Company Ltd
2001 Amalgamates with Ajith Dairy Industries Ltd
2000 Acquires Kanchipuram Dairy
1991 Inaugurates ice-cream factory (Atlantic) at Salem
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