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Samsung India

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Samsung India

  • Part of the world prestigious Samsung Electronics Company
  • Executed close to 300 projects
  • Occupies No 1 global market share for about 13 products
  • Developed world's first 50 nanometers 16Gb NAND flash memory

Samsung India or Samsung R&D Institute India - Bengaluru (SRI-Bengaluru), earlier known as Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO), is one of the 24 research & development (R&D) centres of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, and is housed in the IT hub of India, Bengaluru. With its inception in February 1996, today it has grown in magnitude and proportions as a location for research and software development encompassing a wide range of technology domains.

The organisation has executed close to 300 projects. SRI-Bangalore (SRI-B) currently houses more than 5,000 employees involved in R&D. With an objective to spearhead Samsung's initiatives in India, SRI-B contributes to the different technologies in wireless, networking, convergence, digital and semi-conductors in India.


Samsung India: Technology through Innovation

2013 Launches Galaxy S4 in global markets
2012 Ranks nine among global top 100 brands with a brand value of US$ 32.9 billion
2011 Signs patent sharing license agreement with IBM
2010 Becomes No 1 global electronics company in sales
2009 Develops world's first 40 nanometer DRAM
2008 Establishes TV manufacturing in Russia
Research and Development
India is presently ranked 76th among a total of 143 economies, as per the Global Innovation Index (GII).