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Sutlej Textiles

  • Market presence in over 62 countries
  • One of the largest integrated textile manufacturing companies
  • Sales stood at Rs. 549.44 crore (US$ 74.96 million) in the quarter ended December 2020.
  • Net profit stood at Rs. 11.52 crore (US$ 1.57 million) in the quarter ended December 2020.
  • Largest product portfolios of spun-dyed, cotton blended and cotton melange dyed yarns

Sutlej Textiles & Industries Ltd (STIL) is a leading producer of value-added yarns in India. Since inception. the company has been committed to achieve high growth through development of niche products to meet increasingly sophisticated demands of the Industry. Today, it has the largest product portfolio of spun-dyed, cotton blended and cotton melange dyed yarns. Sutlej is the largest producer of melange yarn in India and one of the few exclusive spinners for specialty yarns such as modal, lyocell and tencel in the country.

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Sutlej Textiles:

2021 The company posted financial results for Q1 2021, with net sales of Rs. 677.1 crore (US $92.9 million) and net profit of Rs. 27.8 crores (US $ 3.8 million)
2018 The board approved to set up a plant in Jammu and Kashmir to manufacture polyester staple fibre
2017 Acquired American Silk Mills (ASM), based in the US
2016 Sutlej Textiles & Industries Limited won the prestigious SRTEPC Awards
2014 Company have started commercial production on November 01, 2014 of expansion project of 31,104 spindles, at the company’s unit Chenab Textile Mills (CTM), Kathua, Jammu & Kashmir.
Sutlej Textiles felicitated with esteemed 'Niryat Shree' Award.
2006 The home textiles and garments unit had started commercial production. The company got listed on NSE and BSE on December 2006.
2005 Sutlej Textiles & Industries Ltd was incorporated on June 22nd 2005, created by the corporate restructuring in which textile division of Sutlej Industries Ltd and Damanganga Processors Ltd was demerged and involved in textile business.
2001 Operations were forward integrated by establishment of Damanganga Fabrics (DGF) at Daheli in Gujrat to manufacture process fabric.
1997 Sutlej Industries Limited (SIL) purchased all the assets of Calico Textile Mill (CTM).
1963 Sutlej Industries Limited (SIL) established Rajasthan Textile Mills (RTM) at Bhawanimandi, Jhalawar district to produce cotton yarn.


Indian textiles and apparel industry contributed 2.3% to the GDP of India, 13% to industrial production and 12% to export earnings.