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Apple plans to sell made-in-India iPhones on the launch day for the first time

  • IBEF
  • September 13, 2023

On the first day of global sales, Apple Incorporation intends to release the India-made iPhone 15 in India as well as some other areas, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

People familiar with the situation stated that even if the vast majority of iPhone 15s were made in China, it would be the first time a gadget of the most recent generation was made in India and offered on the first day of sales.

It would also highlight India's increasing industrial prowess and mark a big change from Apple's prior strategy of marketing primarily new products built in China to irate customers all over the world. After its debut, the new iPhone 15 is anticipated to be on sale in a few days or weeks.

Cupertino, California-based Apple began iPhone 15 production at supplier Foxconn Technology Group’s factory in southern Tamil Nadu state last month. That move was yet another effort by the US tech giant to further narrow the gap between its India operations and its main manufacturing bases in China.

At a gala event at its US headquarters, Apple is scheduled to unveil the iPhone 15, new watches, and AirPods. After a new product is unveiled, sales usually start about 10 days later.

Before the iPhone 14, India produced less than a quarter of Apple's total output and was behind China's output by six to nine months. Last year, Apple substantially cut that delay down to just a few weeks, and by the end of March, it was assembling 7% of all iPhones in India.

India has been a key component of the iPhone maker's effort to diversify owing to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's financial incentives to increase domestic manufacturing and Apple's desire to move outside of China amid a trade war between the United States and China.

The iPhone 15 will likely represent the biggest change to the handset in the past three years. The camera technology will be enhanced across the board, and the Pro models will get a better 3-nanometer processor. To revive sagging sales, the new lineup is crucial. Due to weak consumer demand in important markets like the US, China, and Europe, Apple revealed its third consecutive quarter of falling sales in August.

Apple, which established its first stores in India this year, sees the rapidly expanding market as both a retail opportunity and, in the long run, a significant production base for its gadgets. Apple stated without providing specific figures that iPhone sales in India increased to a new high for the quarter ending in June.

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