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BHEL establishes new record with India highest-rated Auto Transformer

IBEF:  December 01, 2020

At the National High Power Test Laboratory (NHPTL) in Madhya Pradesh, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), the capital goods manufacturing company, has successfully produced and tested (short circuit) India's highest rating Auto Transformer.

Significantly, in the global transformer industry, this is a new benchmark. The short circuit test is the stricter specific type test for power transformers that is performed to demonstrate the adequacy of power transformers to sustain abnormal short circuit conditions to ensure reliability during their field operations. Incidentally, this is the 21st 400 kV class transformer from BHEL, which has passed the short circuit test successfully, indicating the prowess of the company in the sector.

This 500 MVA 400/220/33 kV Autotransformer was designed and produced for UP Power Transmission Corporation Limited at BHEL's Bhopal plant. In the transmission of bulk power to load centres and larger cities, these highly rated transformers play a crucial role.

BHEL is India's largest power transformer manufacturer and a pioneer in the indigenous development of higher-rated and specialised transformers with voltage levels of up to 1200 kV.

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