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Bridgestone ties up with Microsoft to develop tyre damage detecting system

IBEF:  July 01, 2020

Bridgestone, a tyre maker, has partnered with Microsoft to develop a tyre damage detecting system on a real-time basis. Bridgestone will utilise the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP), which not only reduces accidents caused by technical failure but also increases road safety.

As per company’s data, around 30 per cent of total car accidents are caused by technical failure caused by tyre damage issues.

Real-time awareness of damage to the tyre is delivered by the system, using MCVP cloud framework together with existing sensor data, from hardware that is already installed, and uses algorithms to identify events affecting the tyre surface, and carcass, the company said in a release.

Presently, this system is available to all vehicle fleets and OEMs that use MCVP. Under this partnership, Bridgestone will be able to further develop its solution to meet the requirements of fleets and key OEM partners around the world.

"By teaming up with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to bring our Tyre Damage Monitoring System to millions of drivers, offering them better safety and peace of mind," said Mr Laurent Dartoux, CEO and President, Bridgestone EMIA.

Microsoft partners with mobility companies to support their transformation into smart mobility service providers, said Ms Tara Prakriya, General Manager, Azure Mobility, and MCVP at Microsoft.

"With the MCVP, our mission is to help businesses accelerate the delivery of safe and personalised connected mobility experiences," Ms Prakriya said.

The tyre damage cannot be detected without close, manual inspection, and which can potentially occur at any time, have also adverse effect on other components of the vehicle, such as the wheels, Brigestone said in the release.

Under the agreement, MCVP will also provide Bridgestone with a digital infrastructure that will speed up its delivery of connected mobility solutions, providing access to a multitude of Microsoft Azure cloud, AI, and IoT capabilities, it said.

"This tie-up gives Bridgestone India the opportunity to bring state-of-the-art and pioneering technology in mobility solutions to the country and allow it to further collaborate with its OE partners," said Bridgestone India Managing Director, Mr Parag Satpute.


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