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IFFCO Kisan sells 1 lakh tonne of cattle feed worth Rs. 160 crore in FY21

IBEF:  May 12, 2021

IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd, a subsidiary of IFFCO, announced on Tuesday that it sold one lakh tonnes of cattle feed worth Rs. 160 crore (US$ 21.78 million) in FY21 and is considering establishing its own plant to cater to the increasing demand.

IFFCO Kisan Sanchar had joined the compound cattle feed business on a trial basis in FY20. It is currently collaborating with third-party manufacturers.

The cattle feed business had its first full year of operation in FY21.

In a statement, IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd said it sold 1 lakh tonnes of cattle feed worth Rs. 160 crore (US$ 21.78 million) in FY21.

The cattle feed business now accounts for ~ 30% of the company's total revenue, according to the company.

IFFCO Kisan, based in New Delhi, is now planning to expand its collaborations with third-party manufacturers as well as establishing its own feed manufacturing facilities.

IFFCO Kisan Sanchar National Sales Head Mr. Ganesh Dash said, “We have already established partnerships with seven cattle feed manufacturers. Since our customers have positioned a level of trust in our products, we are now aiming to partner with five more manufacturers.”

He also stated that the company is planning to establish its own manufacturing plant or leasing one to meet the increasing demand for cattle feed.

“Customers are enthusiastic about IFFCO Kisan cattle feed because we place a premium on quality.”

He said, “Our cattle feed is made with the finest raw materials, according to the highest manufacturing standards, and in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards. The raw materials are obtained directly from farms. Our cattle feed contains the proper amount of urea. The urea content in cattle feed should not exceed 1%, according to the standards.”

He also stated that the availability of high urea feed on the market boosts milk productivity. However, it has serious consequences for calf health, including a rise in cattle mortality, a growth in the number of miscarriages in cattle, and a postpone conceiving.

According to IFFCO Kisan, its cattle feed is prepared in accordance with the National Dairy Development Boards guidelines.

IFFCO KISAN SANCHAR LTD has been promoted by cooperative IFFCO, telecom major Bharti Airtel, and Star Global Resources Ltd. (IFFCO Kisan).

IFFCO owns 72.99% of IFFCO Kisan.

IFFCO Kisan is a value-added provider to farmers, a cattle feed manufacturer, an agritech company, and a provider of telecom and call centre services.

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