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India guiding world's fourth industrial revolution, says Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

According to Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India is leading the "fourth industrial revolution" as a result of government initiatives to increase access to technology, enhance services, and support businesses.

The Digital India programme, launched eight years ago, demonstrated how technology can be used for progress. A country that does not adopt modern technology is left behind, as had happened to India in the Third Industrial Revolution. However, we can now state with pride that India is leading the globe in the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, said Mr. Modi.

In the upcoming five years, the government will skill, upskill, and reskill at least 14 lakh individuals, and it will support 30 institutions through the Chips-to-Startup Program. In the future, there will be further development in areas like space, mapping, drones, gaming, and animation.

A new initiative named "Digital India Bhashini" will make it simple to use voice-based access to the internet and digital services in Indian languages, as well as facilitate the production of content in those languages.

Another initiative named ‘Digital India Genesis’ (Gen-next Support for Innovative Startups) is a platform, to discover, support, grow and make successful startups in Tier-II and Tier-III cities of India. A total outlay of Rs. 750 crore (US$ 94.89 million) has been envisaged for the scheme.

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