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India sees a 10-spot jump in median mobile speeds as 5G rollout picks pace

  • IBEF
  • February 21, 2023

As per a report, as 5G roll-out has picked up speed, India has climbed 10 spots for median mobile speeds globally in the month of January, from 79th position in December to 69th.

According to a network intelligence and connectivity insights provider, Ookla, the country also increased two spots in rank globally for overall median fixed broadband speeds, from 81st in December to 79th in January.

Further, it was reported that the overall fixed median download speeds in India saw a slight increase from 49.14 Mbps in December to 50.02 Mbps in January.

In addition to it, Reliance Jio's True 5G services have gone live in more than 236 cities, becoming the first and only telecom operator to reach such a wide network in a short span of time.

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