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India signs deal with Armenia for export of missiles, weapon systems

  • IBEF
  • September 30, 2022

India will send missiles, rockets, and ammunition, including indigenous Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launchers, to Armenia to enable the country to protect itself against neighbouring Azerbaijan following recent fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops.

The Economic Times reported on Thursday that India signed an order for the transfer of weaponry through a government-to-government method, through which the two countries had earlier this month signed contracts for the supply of arms and ammunition to Armenia.

The government has not disclosed the deal values, but the article claims that India will supply weaponry over the next few months for more than Rs. 2,000 crore (US$ 244.78 million). According to the article, Armenia will also receive anti-tank missiles and a variety of ammunition from India as part of the package agreement.

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