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India will become a big export economy: Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai

  • IBEF
  • December 20, 2022

According to Google's parent company Alpahbet's CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai, India will become a big export economy and the country will get benefitted from the open and connected internet. In addition, he announced that his organisation will make significant investments in startups in India. One-fourth of the $300 million allocated for startups, will go toward businesses led by women.

Given the scale and technological leadership that India will have, it's crucial to strike a balance and provide protection for people. Developing an innovative framework so that businesses may innovate on top of legal certainty. Further, India will have significant export potential and will get benefit from open and connected internet. So, finding the appropriate balance will be crucial, stated Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Alphabet.

He further stated, it seems clear that tech requires appropriate regulation. If you look at the scale at which tech is functioning and impacting so many people across the world.

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