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Indian Railways achieves a significant milestone with the electrification of the entire Broad Gauge network in Uttar Pradesh

Indian Railways achieved a significant milestone in railway electrification with the completion of electrification of Subhagpur-Pachperwa Broad Gauge (BG) route in the North-Eastern Railway. Indian Railways has completed the electrification of all BG routes in Uttar Pradesh. This will improve rail connectivity in the region and will improve the speed of trains in the region.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi praised the Indian Railways for accomplishing this remarkable feat.

The East Coast Railway, North Central Railway, North-Eastern Railway, Eastern Railway, South-Eastern Railway, and West Central Railway are the six zonal railroads that have all had their BG routes electrified by Indian Railways as of this accomplishment.

Indian Railways is making quick progress towards completing Mission 100% Electrification and becoming the biggest green railway network in the world, with 85% of route kilometre (RKM) now electrified.

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