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Intel ready to scale up to Digital India's Big data need

Economic Times:  November 16, 2016

Bangalore: Intel Corporation is interested in working with the Indian government and sees great potential to scale its Data centre group’s (DCG) business in India said Prakash Mallya, Director DCG, Asia at Intel Corporation in a closed-door press briefing here in Bangalore.

"India stack, UID, GST, E-government 2.0 - all these are digital India related solutions which we would be investing on," Mallya said adding that the government's adoption, in the long run, helps Intel scale the solutions globally.

The government of India is to invest around $7 billion by the end of this year on multiple smart city projects. These connected cities will be producing petabytes of data which needs to be stored and organised to harness its full potential. "High-Performance Computing (HPC), whether national or state datacentres are being set up, new banking licences is being given, a bunch of corporate banking players are coming through. All this mean new data," said Mallya, pointing to the variety of markets DCG can cater to in the coming years. "If the tipping point customers [government] adopt our technology, it has a ripple effect in the rest of the industry," Mallya said.

The DCG business for Intel has seen double-digit growth figures for the past two years. The company recently acquired Nervana Systems, an artificial intelligence and deep learning company to bolster its DCG business globally.

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