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Micro and small enterprises corner 55% of total orders placed on the GeM portal

  • IBEF
  • January 12, 2023

As per a senior government official, since 2019, the Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) have cornered about 55% of the total orders placed on the public procurement platform - Government Electronic Market (GeM), which was launched in 2016 for online purchases of goods and services by all the central government ministries and departments. 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GeM, Mr. P.K. Singh said that the public procurement policy for MSEs constitutes 25% of buying of goods and services from these units and over 3% MSEs owned by women. He added that out of the total order value of US$ 31 billion (Rs. 257,263 crores) on the GeM portal, about 55.2% (worth US$ 17.14 billion (Rs. 141,887 crores)) is constituted by MSEs and 8% of the MSEs are owned by women (worth US$ 1.4 billion (Rs. 11,373 crores)).

In consideration of an increase in the buying activities by different ministries and departments, the procurement of goods and services from the government portal GeM has crossed US$ 12 billion (Rs. 1 trillion) so far.

The portal provides a wide range of products from office stationery to vehicles and automobiles, computers, and office furniture are currently the top product categories. In addition to it, the services including transportation, logistics, waste management, webcasting, and analytical, are listed on the portal.

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