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Mutual funds calculator: ₹10,000 monthly SIP grows to ₹11.37 lakh in 7 years

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) are one of the best equity investment options for beating inflation in the long run. It is an appropriate investment option for those who do not have a large sum of money to invest but want to grow a large sum over time through small monthly investments.

Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund - Direct Plan-Growth has delivered a staggering return to its investors. This mutual fund plan has turned Rs.10,000 (US$ 128.8) monthly SIP into Rs. 11.37 lakh (US$ 14,645.07) in the last 7 years. This mutual fund has delivered a near 12% annualised return and near 191% absolute return.

This mutual fund plan has delivered a 2.50% annualised and absolute return over the last year. This plan has generated a 7.65% annual return and a 24.80% absolute return over the last three years. Similarly, over the last five years, the annual return provided by this plan has been 7.75%, while the absolute return has been 45.35%

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