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Parle Products partners with IBM to drive growth

IBEF:  April 23, 2021

On Thursday, Parle Products, a leading FMCG company, and IBM announced a collaboration in which the IT giant would enable the biscuit maker to push its products to market more quickly and efficiently.

Parle will combine IBM's business consulting and technology services with the hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, with its leading security and domain expertise.

This will assist Parle in bringing its goods (e.g., Parle-G) to market at the right time and in the right place.

Parle Products Executive Director, Mr. Ajay Chauhan said, “Our priority as India's largest biscuit brand provider is to meet the rising demands of Indian market. We will explore various ways to minimise time-to-market and streamline processes by partnering with IBM to facilitate our journey to the cloud and improve our overall security – a major milestone for us.”

Parle Products will move its mission-critical SAP workloads, ERP, supply chain, and analytics applications to IBM Cloud as part of the collaboration, according to a release. IBM will also assist in the design of a critical KPIs-based performance management system to track and monitor the health of Parle's business processes and their outcomes.

Parle would also use IBM's vast industry experience with IBM Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Technology Services (GTS), among other services, to host its workloads on IBM Cloud.

It hopes to innovate more efficiently by adopting a hybrid cloud-based model, discovering new ways to bring its goods into consumers' homes, even as the coronavirus pandemic poses challenges in the supply chain.

Parle expects to see market growth in India and beyond as a result of streamlining operations and improving overall scalability to meet changing demands, according to the company.

Mr. Sandip Patel, IBM India's Managing Director, said “IBM's partnership with Parle has added decades of industry and technology experience to make them reach their vision of ensuring that the right products are available in the market at the right time.”

He added, “Parle will be well positioned to meet rising customer demands by leveraging technologies such as hybrid cloud and AI, which are underpinned by security, while security is at the core of their digital developments.”

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