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Reform measures have been undertaken to promote India’s upcoming Drone Industry

The Central Government has undertaken a series of reform measures to promote India’s Drone Industry. The Ministry of Civil Aviation, along with various Union Ministries and State/UT Ministries, have adopted some initiatives to promote drone applications across commercial, logistics, agriculture, mining, and other sectors.

After the implementation of the drone related policies and Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, the annual sales turnover of the Indian drone manufacturing industry is estimated to grow approximately from US$ 8 million (Rs. 60 Crore) in 2020-21 to US$ 109 million (Rs. 900 Crore) by 2024-25.

Vaccine delivery, examine oil pipelines and power transmission lines, conduct anti-locust operations, spray crops, survey mines, and map land under the SWAMITVA programme in order to issue digital property cards, are some of the applications where government uses drone service providers. Several States have also established drone training schools, which might transform the way drone applications are promoted and developed.

India has strengths in innovation, information technology and innovative engineering and therefore, has the potential of becoming a global drone hub.

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