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Venture Catalysts to invest $120 million in 2022

IBEF:  December 29, 2021

In 2022, the Venture Catalysts Group, an integrated startup incubator, plans to invest more than US$120 million in 300 firms. The Mumbai-based investment business, which has backed firms such as Beardo, Pee Safe, BharatPe, and Coutloot, completed 207 deals in 2021.

“This year was great as it witnessed the birth of 40-odd unicorns with some spectacular tech IPOs,” said Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, co-founder & president, Venture Catalysts Group, which runs an early-stage investment platform Venture Catalysts, and a US$100-million accelerator fund 9Unicorns.

Sharma predicted that the number of unicorns will double by 2022, with the development of additional decacorns, while the Indian startup ecosystem would experience a large increase in worldwide investments due to a number of economic growth reasons.

“The coming year will be exceptionally extraordinary for the Indian startups that are solving problems relevant to the larger global causes and issues. We, as an early to growth stage investor platform, are looking to fund many of these disruptive ideas in 2022,” Sharma told TOI.

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