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6 Government Initiatives that has improved India's Reputation in the Global Market

Satish Kota, Founder, ReputationXL & Revbay

Dec 07, 2015 11:24

India is growing and at a great pace. Ever since Shri Narendra Modi took charge as the Prime Minister of India, there have been quite a number of initiatives launched till date. These initiatives though have given hope for Indians of changing times; they also have improved the reputation of the country in the global market.

Since reputation is nothing but external perceptions of individuals or a group about someone or something, when it comes to the reputation of a country what is more important to a foreigner is that it is a country worth visiting, investing, working, purchasing or studying. By demonstrating these elements or behaviours, a country could easily improve it’s reputation.

Having said that though Indian government is in full steam to build Brand India, inadvertently they are also building Reputed India. There are many initiatives of the government that have given more value to a foreigner to say “India is now a country worth looking at”. Here are 6 such initiatives that have made its name at the global level.

Make in India:

The main objective of Make in India initiative is to encourage and facilitate foreign investment into the country. This initiative offers businesses/investors to invest and manufacture in 25 industries or sectors in the country. Make in India has been so far the front runner of all the initiatives giving the world an opportunity to use Indian resources to their best abilities. Make in India initiative has built a reputation of a better investment opportunity in India.

Digital India:

Though the objective of Digital India initiative is to digitize government activities, it also helps in improving the digital literacy. By this, even SMEs and MSMEs have started creating their digital presence and promoting their offerings in the internet. This, to a foreign buyer would create the confidence about the existence of the business and their offerings. Also by such presence, a business could build a reputation there by improving thei: value of their offerings.

Skill India:

Skill India initiative aims to train over 500 million people in different skills and generate a talent pool that could be unmatched in any part of the world. Skill India concentrates on areas where formal certification is lacking especially in the un-organized sector. The outcome of skill india is to train people such that they get employment not only in India, but also meet the demand of the world. This to a foreign investor gives the confidence of availability of right workforce to execute the necessary businesses or manufacturing capabilities than just availability of resources. Hence Skill India initiative becomes very important for an investor to invest into the country.

Startup India:

Startup India initiative aims to promote entrepreneurship in India. The aim of this initiative is to provide new dimension to entrepreneurship by helping to setup a network of startups in the country. By this opportunities of employment would increase not only for people in india, but also an opportunity for migrants (foreigner) who wish to come to india and work/live here. Due to this initiative, India shall see a lot of migrants coming to India in search of greener pastures.

Execute India:

Though not a directly associated initiative, the plan on setting up on multiple IITs and IIMs in India has raised opportunities in developing specialized skill in technical and management. This gives opportunities for an investor to find not only the generic skill to execute their business, but also specialized skill to manage them. This helps to eliminate the cultural and managerial differences between the management and the labour workforce and hence get issues resolved faster.

Incredible India:

Though an initiative of the previous government, the “Athithi Devo Bhava” initiative is promoted as part of Incredible India. The objective of this initiative is to train and provide orientation to all stake holders who interact with visitors. By doing so, it creates comfort to travellers and guests to be welcomed and treated well while on their visit and that increases the influx of tourism dollars to the country. With every country fighting for their share of tourists, a reputed country would command a better decision making for a traveller to visit and enjoy the country.

Though there are many other initiatives created by the government for the benefit of the Indian citizens, from the perspective of a foreign traveller, investor, buyer, worker or a student, the other initiatives might not add value in their beliefs of India being a Reputed country. The role now lies in the hands of indian citizens on how they look at these initiatives and make the best use of it. A reputed person would eventually give rise to a reputed country and hence building and improving the reputation of one’s self or their businesses/organizations would result in improvement of the country and this shall raise to create a Reputed India.

Reputed You, Reputed Nation (RYRN) initiative is promoted by Reputation XL whose primary objective is to help build Reputed India by means of creating awareness and providing necessary education and tools to build a better presence, brand and reputation for an individual or a business.