Surat Zari Craft

State Gujarat
district Surat


Though the earliest mention of metalwork on clothing comes from Ramayana, Mahabharata, the direct origin of Surat Zari can be traced back to the 14th century AD. Zari gained royal patronage during the Mughal era. Surat became the hub of Zari, gold threads, and textile exports. Due to both of the above factors, people of various creeds and races began settling here and laid foundations of an industrial/ commercial city.

Fabric & Metal

Zari is intricate metallic weaving (usually gold, silver, copper) done on cotton or silk textiles which gives it a rich look. Along with traditional Zari Craft which is done using gold or other pure metals such as copper or silver, imitation Zari work (done using plastics) is also on the rise nowadays.

Tourist Attractions

Surat has a timeless familiarity for its tourists, with recognizable historical landmarks, along with exquisite cuisine and priceless artistic treasure. Anyone who is keen to explore the vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, and history should go for a trip to Surat.

Major tourist attractions in Surat are Sardar Patel Museum, Bardoli, Surat Castle, Ambika Niketan Temple, Old Fort, European Tombs, Parsi Agiari, Suvali, Nargol, Mugal Sarai, and Hajira, Chintanamani Jain Temple.