Organic Spices

To boost organic spice farming in India, Spices Board has initiated several developmental programmes for spices including turmeric, ginger, herbal spices, seed spices and chillies. It also helps farmers who pursue organic methods of cultivation to obtain certification. Further, it also works with the farmers in the development of vermicompost units and supplies post-harvest aids for upgrading the quality of the produce. The Board encourages non-governmental organisations and farmers’ groups to adopt organic farming techniques.

Secondly, keeping in line with the growing demand in the international market, the Board facilitates the sourcing of organic spices from India. The country has the capability to produce and supply a variety of organic spices. In addition, Spices Board also participates in various international trade fairs to promote Indian-certified organic spices. The country exported around 4717.36 MT of organic spices in 2020-21, valued at Rs 194.10 crores.