Organic Tea

A universal drink, tea owes its popularity to its reputation as a refreshing beverage, its versatility in modern cuisine, and the health benefits associated with it. Concepts such as ‘tea meditation’ are finding followers across continents. With an ever-increasing demand for this flavoursome, aromatic brew, Tea Board, India is focussing on upping production and export quantities of Indian organic tea.

The Board’s January-December 2021 exports statistics show that 195.50 million kg of tea travelled from India to several countries including the Russian Federation (34.09 million kg), Iran (26.98 million kg), United Kingdom (9.91 million kg), UAE (17.08 million kg), and the US (14.26 million kg)—bringing in Rs 5246.89 crore in value terms. An intrinsically labour-intensive industry, the government is attentive to tea growers’ concerns such as crop insurance, employment generation, and profitable returns.

The Government of India, through the Tea Board, has initiated several programmes and offered incentives to promote the organic cultivation of tea: