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Expanding horizons - Making it easier for Indian exporters to reach new markets!

Ghanshyam Lal Vyas, General Manager-Government Inspections and International Trade, TUV Rheinland India

Mar 28, 2018 12:45

TUV Rheinland India is a subsidiary of the TUV Rheinland Group, Germany. As part of the India, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific Group, it caters to the Indian market as well as global markets. With its local headquarters in Bangalore, TUV Rheinland India is active in more than 100 locations in India.

As a prominent service provider in the testing, training, inspection, consulting and certification industry (TIC), the company operates through its six business streams (Industrial Services, Mobility, Products, Academy & Lifecare, Systems and Information & Communication Technology), has one of the most advanced testing capabilities in India. MAS (Market Access Services) is one of the fastest growing businesses of TUV Rheinland India.

The company provides knowledge on the regulatory requirements and relevant certification services and exporters in India can benefit from a faster time to market, more sales and greater profit. Ghanshyam Lal Vyas, General Manager-Government Inspections and International Trade, TUV Rheinland India, discusses the growing importance of MAS amongst the Indian trade fraternity in an exclusive interview to IBEF. Edited excerpts:

TUV Rheinland (India) is offering its Market Access Services to Indian Exporters who are looking to expand the reach of their products. What is your strategy to promote the importance of these services among the Indian trade fraternity?

To brief in one sentence ‘Proactive Approach of TUV Rheinland Team’. This means a lot of manufacturers/exporters looks out to either expand their export business or to add a new segment of exports to their current business portfolio. As is the case with everyone to begin, there are difficulties to first know about the regulatory regime and secondly to figure out the trusted service providers who could solve their purpose.

Rather than being a pull marketer, our plain and simple strategy would be Push Marketing wherein we invest time and effort in reaching out to customers even before they connect with us, here we take the initiative and lead to help the exporter to reach out to the global markets without any hassles. This is how we save time, energy, money for our suppliers and the outcome is a long term business relations with our esteemed customers.

Indian Exporters have a lot to offer to the international market. With the Indian government’s focus on Make in India and a push to increase exports, how does TUV Rheinland plan to help the Indian trade fraternity in this journey to make an impact across borders?

It is an excellent strategy by the Government of India wherein we open the market for foreign investments as well as take steps to increase exports. As per recent reports,the government is taking steps to push Indian exports by formulating a scheme which could provide financial support and create export infrastructure in states. Government is positive on rolling out a uniform scheme on Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme (TIES).

Such schemes always help in promoting exports which in turn creates opportunities for technical service agencies like us. Fundamentally, it is the exporters who bring value to the chain and on our part we do our homework and consequently we reach out to all export promotion councils of India to get the resourceful data that would enable us to strategize our actions to reach out to customers from all product segments that further would enable us to know their exact requirements (in terms of country regulations and product compliance requirements) for their successful business model.

When half of the trade burden is taken care by us, surely impact will be strong across the borders.

For Indian exporters, Europe has been difficult region especially when it comes to compliances. What according to you are the most important aspects when it comes to these regions that are often ignored and how is TUV Rheinland assisting Indian traders to overcome these challenges?

Being a European Organization, we are well versed with the EU Compliances and regulatory requirements. Appropriate infrastructure, people and expertise for delivering our best services to the Indian exporters that makes us stand out of the box since we serve as a one stop solution for all the business needs like REACH, ROHS etc. to name a few of our services that are recognized globally. Our continuous and persistent approach would surely make Indian products finding good spaces in the European markets.

The Indian DGFT recognizes over 40 third party pre shipment agencies for Indian exports certification. What according to you makes TUV Rheinland stand out from its competitors?

There may be over 40 recognized third party inspection agencies by DGFT but recognition alone from it doesn’t work at global level. If we talk precisely about our Pre Shipment Inspection Services wherein we issue the Certificate of Conformity i.e. quality cum quantity verification mandatorily required for the customs clearance. At moment we are authorized from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar& UAE. We and very few of our competitors hardly 4-5 are actually authorized from the governments of the respective countries therefore the competition from rest other agencies stands null however even competing with 4-5 competitors is always challenging since we need to prove ourselves as always better than the best.

Short lead times, transparency, highest levels of business ethics and the promptness in our response makes us an unquestionable the preferred service provider among customers.

TUV Rheinland began operations in India in 1996. Over the last 20 years, how has the company’s focus and priority changed for this region and how do you plan to move ahead in the coming days.

When we started, competition was the major challenge we faced in the 90s as we were the late entrants in the market. The competition already existed and we had to establish ourselves in a competitive environment.

In the initial period, safety awareness in business and personal life was quite low. Today, the scenario has changed; the market is very dynamic. Thus regulations and requirements are changing in India as well as worldwide and awareness about the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry is growing. In India, it is still not recognized as a distinguished industry unlike Banking, IT, Manufacturing sector etc. But we sense a change of mindset with regards to safety and quality. Countries like Europe, US, Middle East, South East Asian countries have strong as well as strict quality and safety regulations. We, as a certification and inspection agency, help manufacturers understand as well as meet these regulations as per the International standards.

Talking about Market Access Services, it is like the required visa to a chosen destination that enables customers to develop new markets for their products. Our experts for international approvals are fully versed in numerous approval requirements worldwide and assist in quick access to export markets.