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Jaypore: Bringing India's Most Beautiful Products to You

Jaypore: Bringing India's Most Beautiful Products to You

Jaypore embodies, India’s most beautiful products... combining a traditional and a classical Indian aesthetic with contemporary design and showcasing a line of product, which elevates the 'Made in India' status of Indian craft. We want to mitigate India's reputation for cheap and tacky (grungy) craft. We are a proud country, we should be proud of our heritage. We are creating a brand that embodies everything we love about India, from classic traditional to contemporary. We want to be an ambassador of modern Indian style, with a contemporary and hence globally relevant aesthetic. With this as our guiding philosophy, we founded Jaypore in 2012 and launched in August 2012 with an iPad only shopping experience to begin with. This was followed by a website which opened up to the US in October 2012, and we went live in India and the rest of the world in January 2013.

Jaypore focuses on reviving dying crafts and arts of India and wants to create a financially viable business that promotes quality over quantity. So, when we first went live in Jan '13, we started with a small representation of stoles, scarves, shawls and silver jewellery, with some home accents thrown in, but as we built a following we realized that we would need to offer much more of the Indian aesthetic, across categories like sarees, dupattas and Home Textiles. As we built a representation of these categories, we moved from one feature a day 5 days a week, to two a day, on all 7 days of the week, pretty much within the first year of operation and as we grew, the width of presentation across categories grew too. Today we showcase about 6 collections a day, every day, across categories.

In a rapidly digitalizing world, E-commerce and especially online retail is the way to go. Yes, there are a lot of challenges, but every one of them is a learning experience for Jaypore. And with a short turnaround time for incorporating our learnings into our current system, we are getting quicker in adapting to change. There's just no other way. As for advantages - there are many. Apart from the traditional advantages of not having to have a costly physical set up to maintain and hence lower overheads, one of the biggest advantages of an online retail business is the sheer number of prospective customers one can reach. India has nearly 94 million broadband users, according to an April 2015 report by A T Kearney; that's the number of people we can potentially reach and that is an astounding number! Also, with more intense customer interaction, we are able to gauge their mood, needs and pain points faster and accordingly offer solutions far quicker than a brick and mortar set up. So there is higher efficiency and we are able to customize our offerings better for our customers.

We depend only on the quality of our products to gain and retain business. There is no other way to do it. Jaypore has a long term commitment to artisans and customers and we can only fulfill it being true to ourselves and to our customers. We do not believe in buying sales through discounts - more than 25% of the top line sales of a portal is generated through deep discounts, something that we have consciously steered clear of.