The invention of toys in India took place during the Indus Valley Civilization, approximately 8,000 years ago. The original toys comprised whistle-shaped parrots, toy monkeys with long hands to slide down a rope or stick and miniature farm carts. All these toys were made from natural materials such as bamboo sticks, hay, and natural clay like soil, rocks, and fibre cloth. However, today, the advent of progressive technology and mechanism has stimulated companies to produce fresh and inventive toys. Soon, owing to the new revolution of ‘Local se Vocal’, India is anticipated to become the global hub by 2025-2030.

The Indian toy sector is expanding on the shoulder of a growing young population, rising disposable incomes, and a slew of innovations for the junior population base. The industry stands on the cusp of significant opportunities in every toy segment such as electronic toys, puzzles, construction and building toys, dolls, ride-ons, sports and outdoor play toys, infant/pre-school toys, and activity toys.

About Toy Donation Drive

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India has made an appeal towards acceptance and promotion of Indian toys and being Vocal for Indian Toys. Under this initiative, IBEF has taken various steps to promote Indian Toys in domestic and overseas markets.

The purpose of this Toy Donation Drive (24 March to 17 April 2022) is to spread awareness about Indian Toys and to inculcate the idea of sharing amongst Indian kids and parents.

How and where can I donate?

This is an open-ended Toy Donation Drive aimed to reach across India. You can donate toys to any child or community around you. The idea is to spread cheer and be grateful for whatever good we have in our lives.

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We are an NGO/ School/ Institution. Can we support this drive?

Yes! We would love to reach out to maximum people to spread awareness about the value of sharing. We have a school/ NGO contact program to help you get started.

You can email us at: toydonation@ibef.org

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India is the next potential Toy Capital of the World!

According to the latest available date, India’s share in the global toy market is less than 1% and is worth Rs. 5,000-6,000 crore (US$ 678.30-813.96 million). A report by the IMARC, a market research company, stated that the Indian toy sector will cross the US$ 3.3-billion mark by 2024 at a CAGR of 13.3% between 2019 and 2024.

Check out the full Indian Toy Story report here - IBEF - The Indian Toy Story


Let’s take a glance at the Government of India’s initiatives towards building a world-class toy ecosystem in India.
Call to start-ups
Mr. Narendra Modi has called upon start-up entrepreneurs to explore the toy sector. He has also urged industry players to support local toys and reduce reliance on foreign goods.
Mandatory quality certification
The government has made toy quality certification mandatory to revive our indigenous industry. India has begun enforcing quality control for imported toys since September 1, 2020, to ensure that only products conforming to standards enter the country.
Phased manufacturing programme (PMP)
The government is planning a PMP for toys with an aim to build a robust indigenous manufacturing ecosystem. India’s domestic toy industry comprises 4,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and is primarily in the unorganised sector—a key area of focus for the Government.
Programmes boosting the toy sector
The government has chalked out a plan to promote traditional toys manufactured in the country by creating Toy Labs—a national toy fair for innovative Indian-themed toys. A plan to establish networks of toy labs such as Atal Tinkering Lab is also in the works to provide support for physical toys and for children to learn, play and innovate.
Pumping investments into the sector
The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has reached out to large-scale manufacturers in a round table for investments in the US$ 1.75 billion toy industry. India has also invited top global toy makers to invest and a round table with major manufacturers is being planned to discuss Indian-themed toys.
Educating consumers
Some electronic toys may be labelled educational when they are not, leading to a lot of young children glued to tablets and apps. Traditional toys are important for developing language interactions, pretend play and problem solving. While many electronic toys create eyesight, hearing and postural problems, these traditional toys help with a child’s healthy physical growth.

The government is gradually introducing a new norm in the minds of consumers to purchase safe and good-quality ‘Made in India’ toys as against cheap and poor-quality imported toys.
Inducing the value of traditional toys
A ‘Team Up for Toys’ campaign proposal is in process, which aims to educate consumers on the harmful effect of addiction to online gaming in children. The campaign also aims to encourage toys to promote physical activity, Indian ethos, and national values in children. The tentative action plan has tasks for nine ministries to enhance India's share in the global toy market and usher in behavioural changes in people to choose Indian toys over imported ones.
Involving various sectors to uphold the toy story
The government has invited the Ministries of Education, Textiles, I&B, Commerce, Women and Child Development, Culture, Tourism, Railways, Urban Development, Science and Technology and IT to give their inputs for betterment of the toy sector. A DPIIT senior official has explained how various industries can contribute towards the toy sector.

Categories of Indian Toys

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys

These are the kind of toys made from cloth & are stuffed with a soft material making it pleasant to hold.

Electronic toys

Electronic toys

These toys use technology which makes them more accessible allowing children to engage in wonderful play activities.

Games and Puzzles

Games and Puzzles

Puzzle and games allow children to exercise problem solving, pattern recognition, organization and/or sequencing skill sets to play.

Construction/building toys

Construction/building toys

The underlying principle of construction toys is basically to assemble. A series of basic components are provided in such toys, which are designed to allow children to create objects of their own & later be taken apart again and rebuilt as something different. Construction toys help enhance creativity in children.



Dolls are models of humanoid characters, often used as toys for little kids.



A ride on toy refers to a toy that can be ridden on. Even though some of these toys require the child to sit or stand on them, they are still referred to as ride on toys.

Sports and Outdoor Play Toys

Sports and Outdoor Play Toys

Sports or outdoor toys help kids to explore the natural environment and go on adventures through the medium of tasks.

Infant/Pre-school toys

Infant/Pre-school toys

Toys and play items suitable for preschool-age kids include: large and small transportation toys; cuddly toy animals; simple musical instruments; farm and zoo animal sets, tricycles etc.

Activity Toys

Activity Toys

Toys that encourage a hands-on playing opportunity are known as activity toys. They help in enhancing the motor skills in children while polishing their hand-eye coordination

Atmanirbhar Toys

Atmanirbhar Toys

Toys that are rooted in traditional motifs and are manufactured locally, since time immemorial, are termed Atmanirbhar Toys. They are a symbol of self-reliance and originality sprouting from India's culturally rich regions.

GI Toys of India

GI Toys of India

These toys are authentic to their region of origin and process of manufacturing. They have been recognized with the coveted GI (Geographical Indication) tag which enhances their credibility on a global stage.