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Last updated: Feb, 2020


Smartivity strives to focus on mind-and-body engagement for children in the era in which most technology-based products are created for entertainment and offer passive engagement and mind-numbing experiences. Their products encourage children to become ‘makers’ instead of ‘consumers’ by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds with the help of Do IT Yourself (DIY) activities, Augmented Reality (AR) products, virtual reality etc. The company aims to inspire children to make things with their hands and give them unique sense of accomplishment, pride and ownership. Smartivity has an in-house team of product designers for their products – both physical and technology.

Since 2015, Smartivity has shipped over 500,000 units, sold in over 800 prime retail stores in India. The company now has an annual revenue of Rs 10.5 crore (US$ 1.52 million) increased from Rs 64 lakh (US$ 92,921) in the initial stages after facing numerous problems such as fund-raising, cash flow management and zero-money marketing. The company also has established its presence on e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon, and global markets such as US, Europe and Australia. Smartivity aspires to strengthen India’s innovative and knowledge-based economy and-complement-its-Skill-India-Movement.

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