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Last updated: Apr, 2017


The shift from buying books at traditional book stores to buying books online is posing a threat to the publishing industry. In 2009, one publisher named Ralph Möller realized that the Internet is where the users are. With an initial investment of €25,000 (Rs 1.84 million) and the motivation to find new ways to sustain sales, Ralph partnered with WITS Interactive to develop a tool that would use the power of the internet and social media to market and promote books. This led to the creation of Book2Look, which makes the point of discovery the point of sale! Book2Look already has more than 115,000 books available from over 1,200 publishers and more than 5,000 self- publishing authors. So far, over 75 million users across 240 countries have viewed biblets with an average of over 15 pages and spent 15 minutes on each visit.

Earlier this year, Book2Look was launched in India, which is the sixth largest book market in the world, in partnership with Nielsen Book. Going forward, the company plans to expand to newer geographies and invest in IP creation.

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