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Byju's: Reinventing Education

Last updated: Feb, 2020


Byju’s - The Learning app, known for its unconventional and practical methods of teaching, has grown rapidly over the years. The goal of the app was to make learning accessible, effective, engaging, and personalised for everyone. It initially started in 2011 in Bengaluru with a focus on K-12 (students in classes 4-12) and launched its eponymous flagship product in August 2015. Byju’s creates personalised learning journeys for individual students based on their proficiency levels and capabilities, which help them learn at their own pace and style. Byju’s adopted an online mode because children are primarily visual learners and learning through visual representations is exciting and easier for them. Also, as the country becomes more tech-savvy, people are getting more inclined towards education apps and parents are opening up to technology-backed learning. According to a recent report, out of 2,000 users surveyed, about 89 per cent were in favour of online learning.

Byju’s has been growing 100 per cent year-on-year for the past three years. The company had a revenue of Rs 520 crore (US$ 73.00 million) in 2017-18 and is targeting to triple revenue to Rs 1,400 crore (US$ 196.53 million) this financial year. The company is planning to build a product for the international market and K-3 (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade) segment. Its recent acquisition of Osmo, the US based playful learning system, will help in offering customised, engaging and fun learning for younger kids. Byju’s can effectively capitalise from changing mind-sets and developments in the country.

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