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Last updated: Nov, 2014


This Gecko is not a lizard. It is a bluetooth low energy (BLE) device that works as an appcessory (an accessory with smartphone app), to make your smartphone even smarter. “The product Gecko, I can say proudly, is my idea and dream to show the world that India can produce innovative products,” says its creator Mr Bahubali Shete, Founder, CEO and Managing Director, Connovate Technology Pvt Ltd. It is with companies like Connovate that India is marking its presence on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The frenzy around IoT is reaching an inflection point across the world. As the crescendo around connected devices builds up, we are inexorably moving towards a world where we are destined to live with almost everything connected—objects, animals, plants, people, etc. The space in India too is poised for bigger innovations, with the country coming up with a framework policy on IoT. Vision Digital India is a further boost to the rapidly evolving IoT space, offering immense opportunities to businesses.

Connovate was launched as a design engineering and product solutions company with the aim to become a globally recognized name in connected devices. With its focus on the entire ecosystem for connected devices, the company primarily specializes in design and manufacturing of all components required in the field of wearable smart devices, personal wellness gadgets and smart home control and automation solutions. In the technology domain, its expertise includes devices, embedded applications and cloud and mobile applications space. Wearable technology has taken the world by storm since its first avatar in the form of a calculator watch in the 1980s and Connovate is a rising star here.

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