Goan cashew feni is an alcoholic beverage made by fermentation and distillation of juice of cashew apples. Goa is the only place where cashew apples are used for the production of liquor called feni.

Feni is a colourless clear liquid. If matured in wooden barrels, it turns golden brown tint. It has a unique fruity flavor, peculiar taste, strong aroma and astringent smell. The traditional production process is unique and does not involve addition of any foreign ingredients. The apples, which have fully ripened and fallen on the ground, are collected, crushed for the extraction of juice and the extracted juice is fermented and distilled to obtain Feni (45% of alcohol).

The first distillate obtained is called Uraq (15 to 20% of alcohol) and it is also consumed as a beverage. Feni can be served neat or with ice and can be mixed in classic cocktails or with juices. It does not give a hangover.

Feni is also known for its medicinal properties and is used for treating the ailments such as worm sickness, cold, body ache, fever or flu, toothache, wounds/cuts, cramps, low blood pressure, irregular movement of bowels, etc. View Vendor List...


Khola chilli

Khola chilli is a famous variety of chilli grown only in Khola village of Canacona block of Goa. It is traditionally grown on the hillslopes under rainfed conditions during the kharif season in a totally organic manner (using green manuring). Khola chillies are known for their brilliant red colour and medium pungent taste. These chillies are bright red and longer than other local varieties with thick smooth skin.

Khola chillies are used to prepare various value added products like Racheado masala, green chilli pickle, raw mango pickle, red chilli sauce, khola chilli powder and Khola chilli flakes. Khola chilli powder when added to food recipes gives an attractive red colour to the dish. It is also being used for edible or food grade red colour extraction. Papads made using khola chillies have a medium pungent taste that makes it a delicacy. These chillies are also rich in minerals like – K, Mn, Fe and Mg. View Vendor List...