Sohrai Khovar Painting

Sohrai Khovar is a mural art painting which has been a tradition and ritual in Barkagaon block of Hazaribag district which is practiced by the local tribal women who have been using the local and indigenous material in the form of natural soils of various colors like black, yellow, red, white. Many prominent places like Birsa Munda Airport and also the railway stations in districts like Jamshedpur and Hazaribag have been decorated with these beautiful paintings.

The proprietors of the tribal of the block Barkagaon have been using the art primarily for self consumption and hence the art was not significantly remunerative. Occasions like marriages and harvest seasons were the trigger for the painting and hence the prime reason was the celebration. The proprietors were chiefly poor and depended on practices like agriculture, manual labor etc for day to day livelihood. View Vendor List...