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Amway India

  • India's largest direct selling FMCG Company
  • Member of CII and FICCI
  • All its products are covered by a 100 per cent money back guarantee
  • Offers over 140 products in five categories

Amway was founded by Mr Jay Van Andel and Mr Rich Davos in 1959 in Michigan, US. The term Amway is an abbreviation for American Way. Amway India is a subsidiary of the Amway Corporation and was established in 1995. It is presently one of the largest direct selling FMCG companies in India.

Amway India provides free and unlimited training to all its distributors to help them grow their business. The company offers over 140 products in five categories. They are Nutrition and Wellness, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, and great value products. With the exception of Beauty range and some products in Nutrition and Wellness category, all Amway India products are manufactured in India. Amway India has 500 full-time employees and has generated indirect employment for 2,000 persons at all the contract manufacturer locations. The company has provided income-generating opportunities to over 650,000 active independent Amway business owners.


Amway India: Largest Indian Direct FMCG Sellers

2013 Records sales turnover of over Rs 2245 crore (US$ 365.52 million)
2012 Receives Asian CSR Leadership Award, for its education initiatives
2009 Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
2006 Nutrilite opens the Center of Optimal Health
2003 Launches One by One Campaign for children
1998 Commences commercial operations in India
Consumer Durables
The industry is expected to generate 5 lakh new employment opportunities and achieve cumulative foreign exchange inflows worth US$ 75 billion and investments of >US$ 1 billion by 2025.